Write it

  • Write an anchored terset – a very small poem made up of three words – the first begins with the letter N, the second with the letter P and the third with the letter L, capped up, followed by, on the fourth line, a full stop (the anchor).
  • Your terset can be as silly, serious, creative or boring as you like. Stay clear of crude or offensive content, and report abuse.
  • Don't forget the full-stop at the end.

Tweet it

You will need a Twitter account – sign up at twitter.com if you don't have one already. Tweet a terset, following the instructions below. It will appear on the website, until pushed off the bottom, or view all by visiting #anchoredterset on Twitter.

  • Begin or end your tweet with the #anchoredterset hashtag
  • Follow the examples on this page. You can copy and paste into your tweet to use as a template.

Form breakers

Alternative tersets are of course allowed (although please first accept the challenge of sticking to form). The expanded terset allows for more than one word per line – as with the traditional tercet form. The alt-anchored terset substitutes the full stop for other punctuation marks. The non-library terset uses letters other than NPL. You may wish to push this further – in which case, go for broke (but don't break the form).

The moment of change is the only poem.Adrienne Rich, poet