Discover poems that will entertain your child but also poetry that will inspire them, teach them about values and about the wider world. Wonderful illustrations, too.

Featured book coverNew and Collected Poems for Children - Carol Ann Duffy

This stellar edition of Duffy's poems brings together work from her four award-winning collections for children, and sprinkles in a generous helping of new poems to match. Carol Ann Duffy's writing for younger readers has always bubbled with wit and humour, intelligence and affection, and introduced us to many strange and wonderful characters along the way. Among the enchanting voices to be heard are those of the Loch Ness Monster's husband, the oldest girl in the world and a herd of cows on a shopping trip to Manchester.

Featured book coverIrish Poems - A Collection for Children

A collection of Irish poetry both old and contemporary. Poets featured include James Stephens, W.B. Yeats, Oliver Goldsmith, Oscar Wilde, and many others.

Featured book coverPoems About Me: A Collection of Poems About Values

This is a selection of poems that help children to develop their own self-knowledge and value their own uniqueness. They encourage many moral themes, positive self-image, good relationships, our behaviour and its effects on those around us.

Featured book coverThe Magic Box: Poems for Children - Kit Wright

This is a beautiful collection featuring all of Kit Wright's finest poems. It includes poems from his best-selling and universally loved collections, "Hot Dog", "Rabbiting On", "Cat Among the Pigeons" and "Great Snakes" and many other treasures too. From "The Magic Box": I will put in the box the swish of a silk sari on a summer night, fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon, the tip of a tongue touching a tooth. I will put in the box a snowman with a rumbling belly, a sip of bluest water from Lake Lucerne, a leaping spark from an electric fish.

Featured book coverWhat a Wonderful World!

This anthology is for children who enjoy stories and poetry about animals and the natural world. The contributions are from writers around the world. This diverse selection of extracts, stories and poetry is suitable for all the family to read together, as well as for classroom use. The contents have been chosen from a wide range of modern and traditional sources and include authors such as Kenneth Graham, C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, Jean George, Avril Rowlands, William Mayne, Meindert De Jong and Steve Turner.

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There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.John Cage, composer