Love is the theme most commonly associated with poetry, and is represented in a myriad of ways – from the soft and lyrical, more traditional verse, to the edgy and exciting, and there are many anthologies and collections to choose from.

Featured book coverCarole Satyamurti

Carole Satyamurti's poetry explores love, attachment and the fragility of personal survival, charting the tension between connected and separate lives. With an unflinching eye, she takes on complex and often painful subject-matter - cancer for instance or raising a disabled child. Many of her poems hinge on a turning-point or a place where one life touches another, bearing witness to the way we imagine - or fail to imagine - the otherness of others.

Featured book coverCarol Ann Duffy

Whether writing of longing or seduction, of passion, adultery, or simple, everyday acts of love, Carol Ann Duffy perfectly captures the truth of each experience. Love Poems (featured) contains some of her most popular poems and, always imaginative, heartfelt and direct, displays all the eloquence and skill that have made her one of the foremost poets of her time.

Featured book coverDannie Abse

Dannie and Joan Abse had been married for more than fifty years when she was killed in a car crash in 2005. After her death he wrote his extraordinary memoir of loss, The Presence, which was the Wales Book of the Year in 2008. In contrast, much of Two for Joy (featured) is a delightful celebration. In it Dannie Abse returns to their marriage through all its seasons, and celebrates love in verse which is funny, tender and playful as well as serious and passionate.

Featured book coverSharon Olds

Sharon Olds tore up the rule book when it comes to love and let go of an attachment to what she thought she knew about poetic convention, while staying close to a lyrical tradition. Her poetry explores themes of love, abuse, sex and family - writing with candour about sensuality, sexuality and the physical body. In Blood, Tin, Straw (featured) her poems address the transformative power of marital love.

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There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.John Cage, composer